Pujols Should Leave St. Louis

Updated: July 8, 2011

If I’m Albert Pujols, I am furious with the St. Louis Cardinal’s organization right about now.  Luckily I came across a letter written by Albert two nights ago after Manager Tony LaRussa did not put him in the game after activating him from the DL.  Below is that letter:

Dear Cardinal’s organization,

I am sick and tired of putting my heart and soul into this club and not getting rewarded.  Over the past 10 years, I’ve been the best player in baseball history for any ten year period ever.  I’ve played hurt, injured, and with the grit and determination that would inspire Cal Ripken Jr.  I’ve been an All-Star on the field, in the clubhouse, and in the community.  What has my professionalism, and pure awesomeness to this point been rewarded with?  NO CONTRACT! Do you know how difficult it is to play with the pressure of the biggest free agent deal in baseball history?  I wanted to complete the contract before free agency but was appalled by your offer.  And that was not the first insult.

Last January when you decided to give another right handed power hitter $120 million guaranteed.  Now, don’t get me wrong, Matt Holliday is a good teammate but, at that time it became obvious that you didn’t want me.  Why couldn’t you say it?  Why let me continue to put my heart into the Cardinal’s organization?  Because you’re selfish and don’t care about your players.  Anything Tony LaRussa says, you do (for better or worse).  He’s not a baseball god.

Look, I (Albert) feel stabbed in the back.  I work my tail off for two weeks to get back into playing shape after BREAKING my wrist.  I successfully make it back and am ready to go. You activate me from the DL (good), work me out (good), then sit me for the game (Awful).  Then, Tony says “If the game situation had dictated, I would have put him in.”  Are you kidding me?! The game situation had dictated that you put in the best player in the game.  What kind of idiot doesn’t start me?  I’m ALBERT PUJOLS. The basic truth is that with me in the game, any team is better. Activating me to sit on the bench only hurts the team.

Half of me wants to demand a trade or request a switch in manager but, I know the media would blow it out of proportion and my requests would go unanswered as you have proven time and time again that you do not care about me.  Hope you enjoy watching me deliver the World Series trophy to Chicago in a Cubs uniform next year.

With the respect that you never showed me,

Albert Pujols


-Sean Morash


  1. Jim Phipps

    July 8, 2011 at 5:22 pm

    IF SUCH A LETTER was from Albert Pujols, releasing it to the public would national news. I can’t sat what the true facts and issues are. However, these are some of the ‘facts/truths’ as I remember making the news.

    The contract to Matt Holiday was to: 1) provide a right handed power hitter as protection that Albert wouldn’t be pitched around, 2) Albert’s friendship with Holiday was a factor in the contract offer. Does that sound like a team that didn’t want him?

    While contract negotiations were underway, rumors had it that St. Louis was attempting to include a package whereby Albert would own a percentage of the team. The St. Louis Cardinals haven’t had the TV income & receipts available to the larger markets. Maybe you, as a writer, should initiate a petition whereby the league pays a portion of any superstar’s salary demands.

    Albert is coming off an injury early – possibly too early. The team may be trying to be careful and not re-injure him.

    Have fun – your article almost sounds like you are an acting as a Cubs agent.

    • offthebench

      July 8, 2011 at 11:38 pm

      I totally agree with the above comment. I think Sean’s way off base here but diverging opinions are part of the reason that our dynamic works here at Off The Bench.


      (fyi- the letter is fake, i thought that was clear, Sean just made it up to prove a point)

  2. Q from morebaseball.com

    July 9, 2011 at 7:45 pm

    While I think LaRussa did the right thing by not playing Pujols fresh off of the DL, I do appreciate the rant above! Reminds me of Ethan Albright’s letter to John Madden after being rated as the worst player on Madden ’07 – http://www.viperalley.com/forum/anything-goes/48529-letter-john-madden-ethan.html

  3. Richard Stiehler

    July 10, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    I started liking the Cardinals in 1949, I was 10 years old and watched players like Stan the Man, Wally Moon and Red schaindings and Marty Marion, Dell Rice, etc. I hope that Pujols finishes his baseball career with The St. Louis Cardinals. This would be a great finish to a great player’s legacy, and the benefits for The Cardinals will be unmeasured. My 62 years of loyalty will be with me till I pass on. I want to know that Pujols will continue to be part of my treasured memories. Please do the right thing and keep Pujols on the Cardinals untill he chooses to retire. It can only help the Cardinals. Thanks.
    Rich Stiehler

  4. The Big Show

    July 12, 2011 at 9:35 am

    You forgot to mention the time LaRussa benched him during the All Star game, didn’t pinch hit him in the PERFECT situation, and essentially lost the NL home field advantage again (horrible rule, different issue altogether).

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