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Pete Kozma Has RIDICULOUS Reflexes (UPDATE)

If you’re watching the NLCS right now (you wouldn’t be reading this, but) you’d have just witnessed evidence that Pete Kozma may be a cyborg. Or an alien. Or something else all together. He just made what looked like a very bad play on Hunter Pence’s broken bat liner at shortstop. (Incidentally, he actually made a very bad play a moment later, coming home on a chopper, and then (as I’m typing) mishandled a double play ball.) However, the play on Pence’s “double” was actually amazing.

This is what happened: the pitch came in on Pence, snapping his bat just above the handle, and sending the ball on its way out to the infield–just to Kozma’s right. At this, Kozma’s giant alien brain told his synthetic body to break right. BUT, as the bat snapped it contacted the ball not once, but twice more, altering the trajectory and sending it squirting, beyond the dive, to Kozma’s left.

That he missed it is awesome because I am rooting for the Giants. That he initially broke right in the time BETWEEN the first and second/third contact of bat and ball is incredible. Absolutely incredible.

But awesome. Go Giants. And liveposting.

UPDATE: Actually, he kinda sucks. Error in the 8th. BUT WAIT, he recovers and throws the runner out at home. He’s inhuman after all…

-Ari Glantz

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