Baseball Is Over And That’s Bad. But At Least There Are A Few Things To Look Forward To…..

Updated: October 29, 2012

Last night concluded what was one of the most shockingly anti-climactic World Series in recent memory. Going in, Tigers in six seemed like a reasonable projection, but the Giants rolled right through to a semi-boring sweep. The Tiger’s offense was terrible, Justin Verlander looked human, and just like that it’s the offseason. Though we are about to embark on the longest, darkest, worst part of the year, there are a view little glimmers of light to help us through.

  1. The AL MVP: One of the most compelling offseason story lines is also one of the earliest to be resolved. Who will take the AL MVP? Will it be triple crown winner Miguel Cabrera or the greatest rookie ever Mike Trout? I know the MVP ballots are cast before the postseason starts, but it’s interesting to think about what effect playoff performances would have had on the voting. Would Cabrera get more or fewer votes now than he did a month ago?
  2. The Retooling of the Yankees: Nick Swisher is gone so my favorite team needs a new right fielder (finally). Will Andy Pettitte come back? Will Mariano Rivera? What will happen with Alex Rodriguez? Will the Yankees sign Robinson Cano to a long term deal? How will they change the roster to come back better than they were these last two seasons?
  3. The Rebuilding of the Red Sox: Boston has no first basemen, no viable shortstop, and questions in the outfield, bullpen, startting rotation, and behind the plate. They also expect to contend every year. How will Ben Cherrington pull this one off? He’s got a lot of money to work with so we might be in for a wild ride.
  4. Big name players switching teams: Josh Hamilton, Michel Bourn, Brian McCann, David Wright, Ichiro Suzuki, and possibly quite a few more.
  5. The Astro’s new uniforms: They’ve already been leaked. Kind of looks like the old one.
  6. The Ranger’s Various Dilemas: What will they do with/about Josh Hamilton? How about the logjam in the middle infield with Ian Kinsler, Elvis Andrus, and Jurickson Profar?
  7. Lots of Little Stuff: In addition to the specific big stuff, there will be a litany of little things to keep us occupied this winter. For instance: Marlins manager search, Braves personnel decisions,  Rockies manger search, the free agencies of Angel Pagan, Melky Cabrera, and Nick Swisher, Orioles big offseason splash, and the Nats quest to remain good, among others.

I know, this isn’t going to be easy. But pitchers and catchers report in 113 days.

-Max Frankel

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